Choosing the Right Hair Restoration Treatment

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Have you noticed your hair thinning out or your hairline receding as you grow older? Blame androgenetic alopecia– otherwise known as male (or female) pattern baldness. According to the American Hair Loss Council, it causes 95 percent of baldness. Fortunately, if you’re unhappy with the situation, you can attack the problem head-on with your choice of hair restoration treatments. The right treatment can help you regain a thick, full head of hair.

What is Hair Restoration?

The hair restoration process involves removing and transplanting hair follicles from areas with thicker, healthier growth to areas that have thinned out. There’s a reason why androgenetic alopecia is called male or female pattern baldness– this type of hair loss has a fairly consistent pattern, with loss most often occurring on the top and front of the head. Likewise, healthy growth tends to remain consistent in the lower back of the head. Hair restoration procedures involve the “harvesting” of follicles from these areas or “donor sites” and transplanting them to areas that are thinning out.

What are the Treatment Options for Hair Restoration?

There are countless different ways to restore the loss of hair. Some involve surgical procedures, while others take a less- or even completely non-invasive approach. Let’s look at examples of all three types:


One of the most common surgical methods of hair restoration technique is “strip harvesting”, where your provider removes a section of healthy follicles from a donor site. The traditional method can cause an unsightly scar. However, Rivela Hair Restoration offers an alternative, less invasive procedure.

Neograft is a type of FUE hair restoration that simply employs a more modern technique. With a hand-held device that utilizes suction, a doctor removes a smaller patch of healthy follicles from the same donor site. A specialized tool is used to simultaneously make the incision and plant the follicle in one fell swoop– it’s faster, less invasive, and often results in more follicles surviving the implant process.

PRP Therapy

Hair follicles require a healthy supply of blood and nutrients. Without sufficient blood, they become withered, thin, and unable to stimulate hair growth. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is a hair restoration treatment that increases the blood supply to hair follicles. The treatment involves taking a sample of the patient’s blood, putting it in a centrifuge to filter out PRP, and injecting it into areas in the scalp where hair is growing thin. While the therapy is still in its infancy, there is some evidence that PRP injected over multiple sessions can effectively stimulate hair growth.

Hydrafacial Keravive

If each hair follicle were a plant, your scalp would be the garden bed they grow in– and as any good gardener will tell you, without good, nutrient-rich soil, your plants won’t do well at all.

Hydrafacial Keravive, a trademark of Hydra Facial LLC, focuses exclusively on creating and maintaining a healthy scalp– the ultimate environment for healthy hair follicles to thrive. The three-step process begins in-office where your provider exfoliates dead skin cells, dirt, and hair product residue. The exfoliation is followed by an infusion of water and nutrients to stimulate the scalp and encourage hair growth. Patients are then sent home with a spray to be used daily to continue to build on the in-office treatment. Hydrafacial Keravive is often also used in combination with other hair restoration treatments.

Choosing the Right Treatment

So which treatment is the right one for you? Is it Neograft? PRP Therapy? Hydrafacial Keravive? A combination of one or more? Figuring out which treatment is right for you can feel daunting. Luckily, Rivela Hair Restoration can help you find your perfect match. To get started, call or fill out our online form to schedule a free consultation. A fuller, healthier head of hair is just a phone call away!