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I have been very pleased with the result

The staff and service at Rivela Plastic Surgery were top notch for my hair restoration treatment. I typically have high anxiety for medical procedures, but the care I received during my procedure made it go very smoothly and I have been very pleased with the result.

47 year old male executive

Pleased with the results

It’s been eight years since my hair restoration and I love the results I only wish I had done it sooner. I’ve done it twice now with Dr Rivela because I was so pleased with the results and would do it again if I needed it.


I am a firm believer

Before I came to see to Dr Rivela, I had tried various hair restoration methods… various sprays and potions and waited but nothing worked. With this you just go in and painless the result is guaranteed. I am a firm believer in it and it works.

70 year old male real estate developer

Super pleased with the results

I was very upset when I began to notice my receding hairline in my mid twenties and have been super pleased with the results. It has made me much more confident in the job market.

28 year old male