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Hair Transplant Methods for Hair Loss

There are several methods used in doing Houston hair transplants for new hair growth, including the “Strip Harvesting” method of hair restoration and the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method. The NeoGraft hair-restoration technique is an FUE procedure.

See the Neograft Difference for Yourself

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NeoGraft Benefits:

  • Minimal discomfort
  • No scalp incision to get infected
  • No sutures or staples
  • No linear scar to heal or later see or feel
  • Little or no risk of complications
  • Quicker recovery time
  • Fewer activity and sports limitation
  • A more natural-looking result
  • A more natural-feeling result

The staff and service at Rivela Plastic Surgery were top notch for my hair restoration treatment. I typically have high anxiety for medical procedures, but the care I received during my procedure made it go very smoothly and I have been very pleased with the result.

Animation on How NeoGraft® Works

Hair Implantation

Hair implantation after harvesting is also different. The NeoGraft hair transplant surgery is considered a “touchless” method, as it is automated. This hair restoration surgery leaves the hair follicles in a more healthy and robust state, providing the hair surgeon with efficient, successful, and repeatable results. It also provides his patients with natural-looking and feeling heads of hair with no linear scar to see or feel.

Modern hair transplant surgeries encompass aspects of both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Please, choose your hair doctor or surgeon wisely, and be sure to do your homework and research. At Rivela Plastic Surgery, we know your final hairline results and your brand-new hair growth are highly dependent on the artistry and skill of your surgeon and his trained staff. Thank you for considering NeoGraft and Rivela Plastic Surgery.


Your NeoGraft Hair Restoration Houston treatment will be performed by Rivela Plastic Surgery's team in The Woodlands.
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NeoGraft Hair Restoration

With NeoGraft Hair Extraction and Implantation Procedure at Rivela Plastic Surgery in the Woodlands, TX, there is less bleeding and fewer complications than with the strip method used in most other medical hair-loss solutions. NeoGraft hair restoration for the treatment of balding or thinning hair is a very safe, minimally invasive, relatively minor procedure. No skin is removed during the procedure, unlike most other Houston hair transplants.

The NeoGraft procedure performed in our Woodlands office uses a small amount of local anesthetic. We also offer the Pro-Nox system, which allows patients to safely administer a 50/50 mix of nitrous oxide and oxygen gas. This analgesic allows patients to ease any pain, discomfort, and anxiety themselves. It takes effect very quickly, and recovery from the gas is also very quick.

After our NeoGraft hair transplant, there is no visible linear scarring to make it difficult for our men or women patients to wear the hair short. As part of the NeoGraft hair transplantation procedure, the donor site is selected for the back of the head, and then shaved. Many times with longer hair, the shaved donor site is completely hidden. With larger hair transplant cases, a larger area is shaved, but afterward, the hair grows back naturally.

After the donor site is prepared, the NeoGraft medical device is used to skillfully extract individual hair follicles from the donor site using a tiny 1 mm punch. When enough follicles are extracted at random, the hair transplant procedure moves to the front of the head, transplanting each individual hair graft with the same individually automated system.

“Strip Method” Hair Restoration

From a surgical standpoint, the strip harvesting method of hair transplantation is more involved and is a much more aggressive surgical procedure with more potential medical complications, more health restrictions, and longer downtime.

This older method of hair transplantation and restoration also involves shaving a section of the scalp as a donor, but instead of automatically extracting hair grafts at random, in this method, the surgeon then uses a scalpel to cut two linear incisions above and below the donor area and then surgically removes out a long linear section of the scalp (as seen in side image).

Next, the excised portion of the harvested shaved scalp is divided up and placed under microscopes, where technicians using sharp blades separate grafts into divided units of one to four hairs. While the hair technicians are separating the grafts, the hair surgeon closes the incision with staples or sutures (as seen in the image). At that point, the surgeon and the team of hair technicians move to prepare the recipient site and front hairline.

NeoGraft Before and Afters

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The cost of NeoGraft Hair Restoration treatments differs from person to person depending on each patient’s needs. A consultation with Dr. Rivela will determine the total price of your hair restoration treatment.


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